RTSP Server Incoming Stream Listener

Topics: Question, Suggestion
Sep 26 at 5:56 PM
FFplay has the ability to listen for an incoming rtsp connection on a URI and play the stream using the command line argument -rtsp_flags listen.

It would be nice if the RtspServer could be setup to listen on a particular URI for an incoming stream, this way streams could be pushed to the RtspServer rather than pulled.

Is this a function which exists but I have not yet discovered?

I ask because software that I have written integrates with third party software that can push an rtsp stream to a listener however this software does not provide an rtsp listener itself, only push.

Otherwise I would have to pull the raw video stream into my software, create bitmaps from the individual frames, packetize them and pass to RtspServer to be used by any connected client connections.

This can get a bit heavy when working with 1080 video at 30 fps, it would flow much better if my software could just act as a relay, or traffic cop.