Secured streaming local mp4 file.

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Jul 14, 2016 at 10:22 PM

Dear juliusfriedman for first tank you for great lib its really awesome .

so I have mp4 file on the server and want to play it via jwplayer on local machine (via rtsp maybe) but i want reject file downloading . I need just youtube style application with "crypted" source file. So I need use example code form index page but set source from file right ?

Many thanks.
Jul 15, 2016 at 2:00 AM
Did you think about what you typed before you typed it?

I am fairly sure you got really excited and posted something and then as you typed it you realized the answer to your own question.

Let me know if this assertion is correct or not.

Most sincerely and with kind regards,
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Jul 15, 2016 at 5:03 AM
Unfortunately no =( . I try find answer about a week . I just need some example or what I have to google . I am newbie in streaming and rtsp at all.
Jul 15, 2016 at 5:25 PM
Well how can I help you? If I must infer I would assume you asking me what you should type into Google to get the results to whatever your question is...
The only problem with such is that you 'tank' me yet you quote "crypted" so obviously there seems to be either something wrong with your translation to the English language or further that you want me to expend time to decipher your true question and furthermore to provide you with a meaningful query which will provide you with the desired result you seek. You also state that you need useful example code form index page and to set source file, but it seems you either have no idea what your talking about in general or that you have not put the required effort into understanding what your goal is.




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Jul 15, 2016 at 6:58 PM
Okay I understand you. U r right English is not my native but I use Google translate not so many , so "tank" is just typo, sorry for that. FYI My goal is : I have mp4 files in byte array each and I need blow up media server based on dot net for streaming that files in JWPlayer over my local area. I need whole player's functionality like PAUSE PLAY and etc. JWPlayer support RTSP protocol So I think your lib can help me done this project. But I can find only re-streaming examples. So I dont know Am I think in right way or not

Many thanks for answers
Jul 15, 2016 at 7:21 PM
What is JWPlayer going to do for your that the other links I have given you will not?

Yes, my library alone will be sufficient to complete your task and further more if you don't want to re-streaming then what do you want to do?

You really need to gain an understanding of the task at hand before you attempt to implement something, this is why people are still using Flash, and RTMP and JWPlayer and all of that proprietary and insecure garbage.. [sic] to clarify ... because such individuals have a lack of understanding (in this case by admission of the fact you are new to the concepts exposed such as Rtp and Rtsp [even through they are 20 years old]).... Yet, you have somehow decided you need JWPlayer (which uses Flash) when such technologies have NOTHING to do with RTP nor RTSP although the can be made to inter-operate if required. Furthermore you claim you need "crypted" MP4 which you decline to clarify further, assuming that you mean you would like to add encryption to the data transfer there are several ways to achieve this however such a feature is existential to the project at the current time, especially considering the lack of input one receives related to such. You can easily encrypt or compress data within the .Net Framework, see the Cryptography namespace as well as the Compression namespace. Finally you also decline to indicate how MP4 or for that matter ANY Container file format is relevant in the discussion of RTP or RTSP without first citing the DRAFT or Profile which was proposed, the largest problem in this area is that the MP4 (ISO Base Media Format) defines a box for 'RTP' as well as 'SDP' however you would be hard pressed to find an implementation which utilizes it correctly (go ahead, check the reference implementation), instead what happened is that somehow people were unable to implement the feature in a coherent manner and thus the world became convinced that HTTP and RTP and RTSP were too weak (cough Qualcomm) and decided that other protocols were better suited for media transport. There were several drafts for 'rtpdump', 'avi' 'mp4', 'general data files' etc however most of them are rubbish and an attempt to standardize a proprietary method of thinking by submitting a draft and as a result will likely NEVER be supported either in this implementation or otherwise, quite similar to some of the proposals which were made for RTSP (cough 'REGISTER').

None the less, Thanks for your interest in the project and your welcome.
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